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Need help planning your content timetable? Download this free content marketing calendar template.

So I’ve spent the last little while building a content calendar for my team.

Research is tricky – content marketing is a BUZZWORD SHITSTORM – so separating the quality from the click bait is tough. So much low quality content about content marketing /rant.

Anyhow I found a couple of example templates or blog posts, and started building.

The result is this template for a content calendar. It’s on Google Docs so feel free to go and create a copy.

Some notes:

My goal – take a motley crew of intelligent people and get them to write regularly.

They need to write regularly so that we can position ourselves as thought leaders, increase traffic from social, organic search and paid traffic (sponsored/native), and have a set of content to use during sales activities.

And thats the thing. We have a crew of intelligent people but unless you take the time to talk to us, you might never know. This is possibly a lot like your organisation.

We want more traffic, sales support materials and better brand awareness so that we can make more money. Always the money.

Content creation is based around topics we have identified.

This is critical – our content plan is not ad-hoc, but based clearly on specific topics where we can help our target markets. We go deep on sub-topics and at the end of 4-6 weeks of content creation we have all the tools and information needed to cover a topic.

Content Types
The workhorse of the content strategy is the blog post.

Blog posts are supplemented with infographics (because humans love visuals and random stats. no really.), downloadable content, and webinars.

Downloadable content is deliberately defined broadly. ‘White paper’ or ‘case study’? What is this 2004?

Winning (a conversion) is someone contacting us directly as a result of reading our content, or a new email signup.

This could be to our newsletter, to receive downloadable content, or to attend an event (likely a webinar).

I have focused on sharing the load.

Most senior staff are expected to contribute 1 blog post a month. Other staff are called in where their skill / passion.

The boss also needs to post one item a month. This should really focus on C-Level business issues – something aligned to the business issues the prospects top ranks are facing.

The initial plan only covers the next quarter (Q1 2016). Q2 will be planned and distributed in February.

I imagine I’ll be bearing the load for most of the webinar production and downloadable content. Delegation tips to @alcattell please!

The spreadsheet is split into a tab per month; each tab has rows reflecting to date. I’ve left the volumes in there so you can get a flavour. Remember this is tailored to the abilities of the people I have working with me. Plan your content strategy to be achievable!

Measuring success
KPI 2: Increase in traffic to website (each article tracked to measure its own resonance)

I think that covers it. We have a spreadsheet. Download your copy and fill your boots.

Content Marketing Calendar Template Google Docs

What the spreadsheet DOES NOT DO.
It doesn’t manage the process. I know right, getting this far was hard enough. How the hell are we going to manage this process.

Stay tuned.

Questions / feedback – @alcattell