And… reboot.

This blog is the 4th version of alcattell.com.

The others exist somewhere.

I wanted to set this site up to store some of the work I’m doing. So this blog is mainly business, mainly thinking about stuff. Hopefully mainly talking about things I’m working on and achieving.

If you want to chat you should tweet me @alcattell

I am currently…

An Ad Man
I work at TMP Magnet, a digital media agency. My focus is on growing the business, which will be documented in some form in some updates here.

A want-to-be Entrepreneur
Right now, all the side projects and startups are thoughts and dreams. The easy part. I hope this will be updated with some actual builds of actual stuff which is not shit.

A Dad
This is freaking sweet.

I used to…

Take heaps of photos. I’m going to try to take more. with a proper camera, not just my iphone. Dad-ism gets in the way.

Run a startup called Ghostify. We hosted Ghost blogs on demand, and we actually made a profit. kinda. Anyway we’ve mothballed it for now.

Be a self employed digital marketing consultant.

You might care that…

The fonts on this site come from fonts.com
Any photos used were taken by me unless otherwise stated
The logo is based on Dots by Creative Stall from The Noun Project
The site is running WordPress and using the Independent Publisher Theme as the base.